If we train our AI systems with biased data, will our decision making become biased?

I am pleased to announce the publication of Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics in Decision-Making.


I coauthored his paper with my colleges at the Florida Institute of Child Welfare at Florida State University. This is hopefully the first of several papers I will be publishing to help illuminate the potential of AI in child welfare, while providing some practical implementation advice. This article can be found Click here

For additional details on solutions for AI bias, you may want to view the "Trusted AI" site from IBM

I will leave you now with two quotes from Daugherty, Paul R.. Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI:

AI systems will only be as good as the data they are trained on. These applications search for patterns in data, and any biases in that information will then be reflected in subsequent analyses. It’s like garbage in, garbage out, but the more accurate saying would be, biases in, biases out."* "The AI revolution is not coming; it is already here, and it is about reimagining your processes, across all functions of the company, to get the most benefit from this technology’s power to augment human capability."

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